Skreyttu keramik og gler með þurrkuðum blómum 19. May 2020

Create beautiful marble effects on paper

Anna and Clara are fond of taking walks on scenic routes or simply in their own garden. Even short trips can take a while for the sisters, as Anna makes a lot of stops along the way to pick beautiful, colourful flowers. When the sisters get home, Anna tends to put the flowers in her flower press. “Pressed flowers have a delicate, magical expression. This way, the glory of the flowers is preserved for long,” Anna says enthusiastically. Do like Anna, and use pressed flowers to give vases, flowerpots, tealight holders and other interior items a personal and natural touch. The decoupage glue makes it easy to attach the pressed flowers to most surfaces.

Material List

Anna and Clara’s decoupage glue
Flower press
Pressed flowers
Aftur á toppinn