Svamppensill - dúbbari
2 cm.

74 kr

Release Your Creativity

The sisters love when their creative ideas rub off on the rest of the family. When Anna and Clara spend time with their nephew and nieces, they often spend moments of contemplation being creative and creating decorative things.

It is often creative projects including paint that the children want to immerse in. However, sometimes the task of wielding the paintbrush can cause difficulties. In such cases, Anna brings out this foam stencil brush, as the nephew and nieces are quite fond of the type of art they can create with the sponge. "It resembles something created by an experienced artist" praises Anna with a lovely smile.

Add paint to the foam stencil brush, or sponge stippler, dab it on your paper or canvas, and experience the creative pattern, you create. This foam stencil brush is 2 cm in diameter but is available in various sizes. The wooden handle made of birch makes it easy to grasp and is suitable for children as well as adults.

74 kr

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