Fura. 20 x 20 cm.

992 kr

Frame Your Art

Whether it's a warm summer's day or a cold rainy day, Anna fancies to immerse herself in art. She is very fond of grasping her paintbrush and getting creative with her easel and canvas. Anna prefers to place her easel by the large window, where the inflow of light is spectacular and the view of nature incredible.

"Decorate your home with your own works of art and enjoy your creativity" Anna suggests with a lovely smile. Anna and Clara prefer to frame their paintings using frames such as this one in pine. "A pine frame completes the look and enhances your artwork. The pine frame is the icing on the cake, so to speak" Clara points out.

This pine frame is 20 x 20 cm.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
992 kr

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