219 kr

Stay Dry

Clara looks out the window and sees dark clouds filling the blue sky. She is about to take the nephew and nieces on a picnic in the meadow, however, the weather doesn't look too promising. Clara remembers that she and Anna keep a stash of rain ponchos in the house keeping them dry on rainy days. "It is important to always be prepared – you never know when rain decides to show" Clara states, as she packs the picnic basket and adds four rain ponchos.

This rain poncho comes in a small packaging and doesn't take up a lot of space, wherefore it is easy to bring in your purse to keep you safe from the unpredictable weather. "The poncho does not take up nearly as much space a raincoat or umbrella" Clara points out.

This clear rain poncho is one size and will keep you dry and comfortable on a rainy day.

219 kr

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