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Lovely Brushstrokes

According to Anna and Clara, painting with watercolours is quite popular and such a lovely activity. Watercolouring is suited for beginners as well as more experienced artists and allows all age groups to bring out their creativity.

Watercolour paintbrushes comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and hair types. Nylon paintbrushes, such as this one, is made of synthetic fibres imitating the structure and quality of natural paintbrush hair. "The round head on this paintbrush is particularly well-suited for watercolours, as it maintains its shape, and, at the same time, the brush tip helps you to control colours and water" Anna explains.

If you, just as Anna, enjoys creating peculiar paintings with small details, you can choose this paintbrush with advantage, as it comes with a small brush head in size 7.

134 kr

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