Plast/járn. 48 x 47 x 91/50 cm.

3.999 kr

A practical and decorative seat

Anna is taking the time to write a few letters to her loved ones at the sisters' home office desk. She is sitting on this beautiful office chair, which is one of the sisters' newest finds.

"The chair's fine angles and organic shapes give it an aesthetic look" Anna explains. "It will look lovely wonderful in any room, whether it be the living room, bedroom or children's bedroom."

The sisters' office chair is made of plastic and iron. It has a seating depth of 43 cm, a seating width of 45 cm and a seating height of 50 cm. Each pack includes four wheels that can be mounted onto the chair. "Make sure to only wipe it off with a moist cloth" reminds Clara kindly.

3.999 kr

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