Viður. 35 cm.

560 kr

Make Your Art Stand Out

A long row of wooden easels is lined up in Anna's atelier – large as well as small ones. When Anna paints on large canvases, an easel is a must, however, sometimes she also uses an easel for small canvases. She places her small wooden easel on the table and adds an empty canvas to it. "It provides a different perspective" Anna explains before starting her next work of art.

In the sisters' home, the small wooden easels are not only used to unfold creativity, they are also placed in both living room and bedrooms, where they are used to display framed photographs and paintings. How will you use your table easel?

The wooden easel is incredibly decorative by itself, however, you can personalise it by painting it the colour of your choice. This easel is 35 cm.

560 kr

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