Pólýstýren. 4 pcs.

410 kr

Decorative Creations

Anna is fond of being creative in the company of the nephew and nieces. They sometimes like to use foam balls to make all sorts of creations – from funny animals to party decorations and homemade seasonal gifts.

Once, the nephew wanted to make a spider for Halloween. For this purpose, he painted a foam ball in his favourite colour and added legs made of pipe cleaners. "It made for a very personal and festive Halloween decoration" says Anna while reminiscing their last Halloween.

The sisters' foam balls are made of polystyrene and comes in a pack of 4 pieces – 2 larger foam balls measuring 10 cm in diameter ones and 2 smaller ones measuring 8 cm in diameter. "Let your creativity flow and make something wonderful" says Anna.

410 kr

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