200 ml.

1.126 kr

Exfoliate Your Skin

Anna enjoys peaceful moments in her house, where she can turn her bathroom into a home spa. She always uses luxurious care products, which, according to her, make all the difference. Both Anna and Clara think it is important to feel safe when applying products on your skin. For this reason, the sisters have chosen to have all their products dermatologically tested.

The sisters' body scrub contains natural apricot kernels, which will exfoliate your skin gently and leave it feeling nice and soft. After rinsing off the body scrub, finish your spa day with Anna and Clara's moisturising body butter. "You can also use the body scrub for your hands, if you, like me, wish to have extra soft hands" Anna suggests.

The Geranium Rain body scrub is certified with The Vegan Trademark. It has a delicate scent combining subtle notes of citrus fruit and jasmine.

1.126 kr

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