Pure Bliss barnaolía
Án ilmefna. 100 ml.

618 kr

Luxury For The Little Ones

Everyday luxury should be for everyone, adults as well as children, if you ask Anna and Clara. The sisters often resort to the body oil, as it has many applications. The Pure Bliss baby oil is just as multifunctional and can also be used as a massage oil, bath oil, or simply applied on the skin where your little one needs moisture.

Clara recommends using baby oil to treat cradle cap. "Add a few drops to a soft brush and gently brush or massage your baby's scalp to remove the scale" she advices.

The sisters' bath and care products are a safe choice for you and your little ones. On the packaging of each product, you will see different labels confirming that the products meet stringent requirements. This Pure Bliss baby oil is free of perfume, dermatologically tested and carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Asthma Allergy Nordic label, the Cosmos certification, as well as the Vegan Trademark. "Only the best for your little ones" Anna states with a smile.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
618 kr

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