Bambus. 30 cm.

2.653 kr

A Little Rest

Anna is fond of nature and enjoys spending many hours in her and Clara's enchanting garden. Here, she is inspired by nature's many materials and has created everything from wicker baskets to bamboo furniture. "It is a wonderful way of bringing a little part of nature into your home" Anna explains.

Anna has created small bamboo stools in two sizes that works both as a seat and as a table. One is placed in the hallway, for her and Clara to sit on while putting on their shoes in the morning and taking them off in the afternoon. Clara has decorated her bedroom with the other bamboo stool, on which she, every night, places her folded clothes for the following day.

This bamboo stool is 30 cm in height.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
2.653 kr

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