Pure Bliss fótaskrúbb
Án ilmefna. 100 ml.

689 kr

Healthy and Happy Feet

On Anna and Clara's many travels around the world, most of their adventures have been on foot, which shows on the sisters' feet only a few days into their holiday. Therefore, foot care quickly becomes a regular evening routine, so the feet are ready for a new day of walking. Clara's holiday checklist always includes various foot care products, and there is one product she never travels without, namely her foot scrub. The foot scrub helps removing dry skin and dead skin cells and leaves your feet softer and healthier-looking.

Anna and Clara are enjoying a warm footbath in their hotel room and are both applying the foot scrub. "Gently rub the scrub over your feet using circular motions" recommends Clara, while her feet feel softer, as she scrubs. The sisters finish the footbath with a moisturising foot cream and go to bed with well-groomed feet.

The Pure Bliss foot scrub exfoliates your feet and keeps them soft. The scrub is free of perfume, dermatologically tested and carries the Asthma Allergy Nordic Label, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the Vegan Trademark. "Use this foot scrub with a clean conscience – it is gentler than a foot file" says Anna.

689 kr

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