25 x 25 cm. 20 pcs.

368 kr

Festive Table Setting

Anna and Clara are fond of organising parties for their loved ones. One year, they organised a Valentine's Day party to celebrate the love they have for their nearest and dearest. "Valentine's Day is not just for couples," says Anna. "You can also celebrate your love for a relative or a friend."

To make their table setting even more festive, the sisters opted for these lovely paper napkins with hearts on them. "These napkins will look lovely on any table," says Anna with a smile. "Fold them into lovely fans or hearts and place them on your plates for a decorative effect."

The sisters' napkins are made of paper and have small foil heart prints on them. Clara points out that they measure 25 cm x 25 cm, and each pack includes 20 napkins.

368 kr

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