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Wonderful Fresh Vegetables

Anna and Clara are at the local market, sourcing fresh vegetables for a party they are holding for their loved ones. "We will be serving a wonderful ratatouille, so the fresher the vegetables, the better," says Clara, and she picks up an onion to look it over.

To keep their vegetables fresh for as long as possible, Anna and Clara like to keep them in cotton vegetable bags. "They are also washable and reusable," says Anna. "Durable produce bags you can use again and again."

The sisters' vegetable bags can be closed with a drawstring and come in a pack of four. One large bag of 43 x 28 cm, one medium bag of 33 x 28 cm and two smaller bags of 20 x 28 cm. Clara kindly reminds to wash the bags before use, separately or with similar colours.

1.086 kr

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