Mjólkurkanna 220 ml
Leir. Ø8 x 8 cm.

836 kr

Stunning stoneware

The sisters' stoneware milk jug measures Ø8 x 8 cm. It has a volume of 220 ml.

After a long day out of doors, Anna and Clara have invited their friends into their home for a warm cup of tea and some biscuits. Clara is showing them her sisters' newest artwork which adorns the sisters' living room, while Anna is pottering about the kitchen with some of her favourite stoneware items, which are perfect for making guests feel at home.

"It is tea time," she trills as she makes her way to the living room, carrying a tray laden with mugs, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, and not least of all, a bowl filled with delicious biscuits.

Anna and Clara kindly note that the product can vary in colour and expression.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
836 kr