Baby shower

The period leading up to the birth of a new bundle of joy is an exciting time, especially for the parents. And so, many choose to organise a party for the new mother, and sometimes both parents, in view of this joyful event. Although the concept of hosting a baby shower is a fairly new tradition in Denmark, it has become increasingly more popular these last few years. It is usually the mother-to-be’s friends who are in charge of the event. The main purpose of the party is to pamper the mother-to-be by showering her with lots of ‘hygge’ with delicious food, lovely gifts and fun games. Anna and Clara take pride in organising baby showers for their loved ones. Anna makes sure the party is fully decked out in thematic colours and decorations, while Clara oversees the planning process. Together, the sisters have become quite the party planning team, and they are ready to help you with ideas and inspiration on how to plan a wonderful baby shower. You can get inspiration for baby shower decorations, baby shower cake, baby shower invitations and baby shower games.

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What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a gathering to celebrate the mother-to-be. This type of celebration has existed for many years in many cultures, but the modern version found popularity in the United States before being adopted by some European countries. Typically, this is a party for the expecting mother, hosted by her closest friends and family members, but some also like to include the father as well.

Baby shower decorations

“All great parties have a fun theme,” says Anna excitedly. “And baby showers are no different!” A theme can be as simple as a colour scheme that runs throughout the baby shower decorations. Decorations for all kinds of themes can be found in stores, but you can also make your own. Anna enjoys making her own decorations, and she has plenty of creative ideas she would love to share. “Let your theme shine through all the decorations,” Anna suggests. “You can also make use of the colours in a baby shower cake.”

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Do not be afraid to get creative
says Anna

Baby shower invitations

“No party without guests”, as Clara likes to say. It is therefore important to invite the mother-to-be’s friends and family as soon as possible to give them enough time to mark their calendars. Baby showers are usually held between four to eight weeks before the expected date of birth. “It is a good idea to send out the invitations as soon as you have decided on the date and the party venue”, advises Clara.

Baby shower invitation

A baby shower invitation can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. Keep it subtle with a simple card with some coloured accents or go all-out on your chosen theme. If you make your own invitations, you can tweak them just to your liking. Clara kindly reminds you to include all necessary information in the invitation.

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Baby shower games

Baby showers are joyous celebrations, so you might want to have some fun with your guests by way of party games. Your chosen baby shower theme might offer some ideas for fun party games. Anna and Clara have gathered a few general ‘baby-themed’ games you could consider for an upcoming baby shower:

Happy birthday
Have your guests mark a spot on a calendar with their name and let them have a guess at what the baby’s birthday will be! Due dates are only a general indication, so any days surrounding it could take the cake.

Who is that baby?
Ask your guests to bring a baby picture of them to the party. Hang all the pictures on the wall or a corkboard and number them. Let the guessing begin! Can you tell what your friends and family looked like as a baby?

Guess the baby food
Anyone who has ever seen mushed baby food in jars knows that it can sometimes be hard to tell what it is supposed to be. Make it a fun game and buy a few jars of baby food. Remove the labels, number them instead and have your guests try a spoonful of each. Can they guess what the ingredients are?

Pin the baby on the belly
Cut out cardboard baby figures and make a large drawing of the mother-to-be. Hang the drawing on the wall, blindfold the guests and have them try and pin their baby onto the pregnant belly. This could also be a fun game for any children attending your baby shower.

Baby shower gifts

In most cases, the guests are expected to bring a gift to the baby shower. The sisters advise you to find out what they might like to find the perfect gift. Clara suggests keeping your eyes and ears open, when spending time with the expecting parents. When you have found or made the baby shower gift, the time has come to wrap it. Take a look at the sisters’ wonderful DIY-projects and find inspiration on how to wrap your gifts in a lovely and creative way.

Crochet garland

Homemade - Crochet garland

If you wish to give a personalised gift, Anna has several ideas for homemade gifts that can be just as practical and lovely as any store-bought gift. You can for example crochet an adorable garland to hang in the nursery or in the stroller. Watch the video to see how to make your own garland and find the recipe for the cherry garland.


Personalised - Giftbox

“There are many ways that you can create a unique and personal gift,” says Anna. The sisters recommend you put together a wonderful gift box with small necessities. Watch the video and get ideas on how to create a sweet baby shower gift box with toys, baby tableware, a teddy bear and baby care products.

Gender reveal ideas

A ‘gender reveal’ makes for a wonderful baby shower theme. Thus, the ‘gender reveal’ can either be a small part of the baby shower or even a party in itself. “Try and involve your guests in the gender reveal,” suggests Anna. You can for example ask your guests to reveal their predictions by having them mark ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ on a piece of paper. You can also ask them to come dressed in either blue or pink based on their prediction.

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