Children’s birthday

“Hip, hip, hooray!” Anna and Clara find birthdays to be quite special. “It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate,” says Clara. The sisters enjoy organising birthday parties for their loved ones. Children’s birthdays are something truly special, the sisters believe, and over the years, they have planned quite a few children’s birthdays with various fun and creative elements. Are you looking for ideas for an upcoming children’s birthday? Anna and Clara have gathered a few ideas on how to plan a children’s birthday party and hope to inspire you with children’s birthday invitations, children’s games and gift wrapping. If you still have hesitations on what to serve at the children’s birthday party, you can also find Anna and Clara’s suggestions for tasty treats.

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Funny balloon animals

 - Funny balloon animals

“Create your own decorations,” Anna recommends. She has made these quirky balloon animals herself, and you can easily make them in any colour or theme you like.

Festive table decorations

 - Festive table decorations

Create joy among the dear little ones with decorative table arrangements. “You can for example decorate disposable tableware to make them look like funny animals,” suggests Anna.

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It can be quite fun to plan a themed children’s birthday party
says Anna with a smile

Birthday theme ideas

Before going ahead with the children’s birthday planning, Clara recommends you choose a theme. Anna and Clara enjoy watching the dear little ones’ faces light up with joy, when something fun is planned. There are several themes that you can incorporate into the festivities. Choose a theme based on the birthday child’s interests. The sisters have held children’s birthday parties with all sorts of themes, like knight theme, cherry theme, circus theme and jungle theme. You can also include themes such as sports, pirates or dinosaurs.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Anna with a smile. “The most important thing is to base it on something the birthday child is fond of.” You can also plan a wonderful party by incorporating the child’s favourite colour, the sisters remind.

Clara recommends taking the season into consideration when planning a children’s birthday party. A beach theme or sports theme with outdoor activities are ideal for birthdays in the summer. Cold and rainy days or winter days make for the perfect movie theme or winter theme with hot chocolate and cupcakes decorated with snowflakes. “You can also organise summer themed children’s birthday parties in wintertime or winter themed ones in summertime,” says Anna with a smile.

Festive invitations

Once you have chosen a theme, you can go ahead with the invitations for the children’s birthday party. Children’s birthday parties are often colourful, and there are many creative ways of making invitations. Anna has once made lovely invitations with bead plates. One of the nieces’ birthday parties had an animal theme, wherefore Anna had created various animals out of pearls. “Release your creativity and make sure to include the dear little ones, so they too can add their personal touch to the invitations,” says Anna. “The sky’s the limit.” Watch the video and discover how to make a personalised invitation with pearls.

Make invitations with bead plates

According to Clara, the invitation should state a date, a time and a venue of where the festivities will be held, as well as an RSVP date, so the guests can inform you of their participation to the party. “If you choose to plan a themed party, it might be a good idea to mention the theme in the invitation, so the little ones can dress up for the occasion,” Clara suggests.

You can create your children’s birthday invitations however you like. Whichever type of invitation you choose, it marks the beginning of a wonderful children’s birthday party.

Food for the children’s birthday

Cake is a must

When Anna and Clara host a children’s birthday, there is sure to be cake. Depending on your choice of theme or colours, you can choose to either bake or buy a beautiful and colourful cake. Tasty birthday cakes come in all kinds of flavours and shapes. For the children’s birthday, you ought to serve the birthday child’s favourite cake. “Unleash your creativity, and include the little ones in the decoration process, so they too can add their personal touch to the cake,” Anna recommends.

Whenever Anna and Clara host a children’s birthday party at their house, the sisters like to make homemade treats for the dear little ones. “There are many savoury and healthy snacks to be found that you can prepare in a short amount of time,” says Clara. You can for example cut up some fruits and vegetables and put them on wooden skewers. “It looks colourful as well as inviting,” she adds. Another idea is to let the little ones decorate waffles with various toppings. The waffles can also be baked beforehand, remind the sisters.

If you need inspiration for other delicious birthday treats, be sure to explore Anna and Clara’s DIY-projects for more creative children’s birthday ideas.

Children’s games

“Games are a big part of a children’s birthday party,” Clara believes. Therefore, the sisters make sure to have various games and activities for the little ones, when their plan a birthday party for their nephew and nieces. Clara reminds you that it can be a good idea to take the season and the weather into consideration when planning games. If you plan a themed party, you can also tailor the games to the theme. A popular game among children’s birthdays is the treasure hunt. It is an amusing game, which often allows the little ones to spend many hours on a common activity. “It is a game that will surely bring joy to the little ones,” says Anna with a smile.

A few years back, Anna and Clara planned an afternoon tea party to celebrate the niece’s birthday. For the festivities, the sisters had set small tables in the garden with beautiful white tablecloths, a wonderful tea set and exquisite treats. For the theme, the sisters had arranged fun games, like the memory game. The object of the game is to say, "When I was having tea with the Queen, I met ...", after which the next player in the circle must repeat the phrase and add a person to it. The game continues until everyone has added someone to the phrase. "The challenge is to repeat the phrase without leaving anything out,” Clara explains. “It happens sometimes,” says Anna with a smile. "But then the turn simply goes to the next player."

Creative giftwrapping for the children’s birthday

Any children’s birthday celebration includes beautifully wrapped gifts, the sisters believe. There are countless ways of giftwrapping gifts, whether you prefer a classic or more creative giftwrapping. If you lack inspiration on the giftwrapping for a children’s birthday party, Anna and Clara hope to inspire you to make a creative giftwrapping for the dear little ones.

Festive giftwrapping

There are many funny and creative giftwrapping ideas to be found in Anna and Clara DIY-projects. For one of the nephew’s birthdays, Anna giftwrapped one of his gifts in a creative way. She created a birthday cake on the wrapping paper with something as simple as coloured paper and some glue. As the icing on the cake, so to speak, Anna glued lovely birthday candles onto the cake. “It looked like a real birthday cake,” Anna laughs. “It was a big hit among the little ones.”

Make a creative giftwrapping

A sweet hot air balloon

 - A sweet hot air balloon

The sisters are certain that the dear little ones will also be thrilled to see an adventurous hot air balloon. Anna has cut the balloon out of coloured paper and glued it onto the wrapping paper to give a 3D effect. Watch the video and discover how to create one yourself.

Festive animal giftwrapping

 - Festive animal giftwrapping

“A funny and original giftwrapping will surely make the little ones’ eyes sparkle with joy,” says Anna with a smile. In the video, you can learn how to decorate your gifts with lovely and whimsical animals.

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