Inspiration for the bathroom decor

Innblástur fyrir skipulag á baðherberginu

The bathroom plays a central part in the sisters’ daily routines. This is the first place they go after waking up in the morning, and it is their last stop before retiring to their bedroom in the evening. This is why the sisters find it important that the bathroom has a relaxing and calm atmosphere. In the sisters’ home, Anna is usually the one who takes charge of the bathroom decorations, while Clara makes sure the sisters have plenty of storage room for all their necessities. “Even small bathrooms can offer plenty of storage room, if you make full use of the space you have,” says Clara. Are you looking for inspiration for the decoration of your bathroom? Anna and Clara have gathered some wonderful decor ideas for the bathroom, and you can, among other things, get inspiration for storage space, wellness and decoration.

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Það er aldrei of mikið hirslupláss
segir Clara glöð


It can be a difficult task to create enough storage in what is typically the smallest room in the house. The always organised Clara has come up with some wonderful ideas on how to create more storage in small bathrooms. “Make use of all the space that is available to you,” she says, while she folds a couple of the sisters’ towels and places them in baskets she has hung on the bathroom wall.

“There’s more than one way of storing your bathroom necessities,” she says. Clara recommends hanging some lovely wire or wicker baskets in the bathroom for a creative storage solution. You can also attach a few baskets together with rope and hang them from the ceiling for a practical and different bathroom storage. “Use the back of your bathroom door for optimum use of the space, adding a few shelves or hooks here,” Clara explains.

Skin care products and well-being

Søstrene Grene - Find inspiration, nearest stores and much more | Søstrene Grene

Anna and Clara truly appreciate the moments when the calm subsides and the ‘hygge’ begins. “Wonderful skin care products can make all the difference,” Clara explains. The sisters love to take good care of their body and soul, wherefore Anna and Clara have decorated their bathroom with all their favorite care and beauty products.

Skin care products

In the sisters’ bathroom, Anna and Clara’s own line of bath and skin care products are beautifully organised by purpose. Particularly Anna enjoys the peaceful moments in her and Clara’s home, as she transforms the bathroom into her own home spa. It is important to the sisters that you can feel completely safe with the products that goes on your skin. For this reason, Anna and Clara’s skin care products all carry one or more labels.

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Are you also fond of decorating the bathroom with skin care products to create a sense of well-being? Explore the sisters’ line of skin care products and create your own home spa in the bathroom.

Plants add a breath of fresh air to the bathroom
says Clara

Flowers in the bathroom

You can also incorporate plants or flowers in the bathroom decor. A bathroom can be a tricky place for your greenery, as there tends to be less sunlight, high humidity and warm temperatures. “You can for example choose dried flowers,” advises Clara with a smile.

Aloe vera

Anna and Clara are fond of keeping an aloe vera plant in the bathroom. This lovely little plant does not only add a pop of green to the bathroom, it is also very useful to have around the house. “Aloe vera gel is a lovely and versatile remedy for cuts, insect bites, burns and dry skin,” Clara explains. The sisters love to add it to their beauty routine from time to time, cutting off a small piece of the aloe vera plant and rubbing the stub oozing with gel on their skin. “It makes for a lovely and natural spa treatment,” says Clara.

There are plenty of plants that do well in a bathroom environment, the sisters believe. “Make sure to take the plant’s needs into account before buying a new one,” Clara smiles.

Decoration for the bathroom

Create a beautiful and harmonious look in your bathroom
says Clara smiling

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You can, with very few elements, decorate a practical and homely bathroom. Anna and Clara find it wonderful to have a mirror in the bathroom when doing their hair. “A bathroom mirror can be both practical and decorative,” Anna assures. A large mirror can also create the illusion of space in a small bathroom, making the room look brighter and bigger.

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With a lovely scented candle, you can easily create your own space for self-indulgence
Clara explains

A wonderful atmosphere

Scented candles are a wonderful way of decorating the bathroom. The candles’ discrete scent creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, so you can carry out your daily beauty rituals in quiet surroundings. “Everybody deserves a little everyday luxury,” tells Anna. The sisters enjoy decorating their bathroom with calming and natural colours. Anna and Clara recommend adding elements in calming pastel colours or bringing natural colours into play by choosing wooden elements.

A charming ceramic jar can be decorative as well as practical
Clara points out

Ceramic decorations

Anna and Clara are particularly fond of adding ceramic elements to the bathroom. The sisters suggest keeping pads or hair clips in a small ceramic jar. “Harmonious and decorative storage,” she adds. You can also decorate the bathroom with small ceramic dishes or bowls in different shapes and sizes. They are particularly suitable for storing jewellery and hair accessories.

Soothing colours in the bathroom

It’s all about creating a space that you will feel relaxed in
says Anna

Harmonious colour scheme

If you wish your bathroom to have a calmer look, softer and pale colours are preferable. By painting the walls in a shade of white or pastel, your bathroom will have a fresher and cleaner feeling. If you prefer to add a touch of colour to your bathroom, you can for example choose colourful towels. “Do not be afraid to add some extra colour to the bathroom’s calm atmosphere,” says Anna.


When decorating your bathroom, you can also choose to go with a theme. After one of the sisters’ many trips to the beach, they decided to decorate the bathroom with some of their many wonderful finds from the beach. “This is a lovely way of decorating your bathroom,” Anna believes. “The bathroom is a place for calm and tranquility,” Clara smiles.

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