DIY Invitations

Anna and Clara are particularly fond of parties and will take any opportunity to hold a party for their loved ones. Not only are parties fun gatherings filled with ‘hygge’, they are also an excuse for the sisters to get really creative. They start the planning process in good time. One of the most important steps is to send out the invitations. “There can be no party without guests,” says Clara, as she finishes up the guest list for the sisters’ upcoming party. Once the guest list is done, Anna starts on the invitations. She recommends making your own invitations. “You can add small personal details and make the perfect invitation for your party,” she says with a smile. Are you throwing a party, and are you looking to make your own lovely invitations? Get inspired to make creative invitations for weddings, birthdays, christenings or any other festive event.

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Theme or colours

If you have included certain colours or a theme in your party, let it shine throughout the invitation. This way you can create a common thread between the invitation and the party. “The invitation is what starts off the party,” says Anna.

A few tips for
The invitations

The sisters have a few practical tips to keep in mind when designing any type of invitation. If you are planning a big party, Clara suggests sending out small ‘save the date’ cards as soon as possible. Anna gets particularly excited when receiving a homemade invitation to a party. “Add a personal touch to your invitation,” says Anna with a smile.


An invitation is often sent in an envelope. You can choose to keep it simple by using a standard white or brown envelope. “Decorate a simple envelope with a lovely ribbon tied into a bow,” Anna suggests. If you want to use a coloured envelope, you can choose an envelope that complements the colours of the invitation, to keep a coherent feel.

The content of the invitation

Clara kindly reminds you to include all important information about the party in the invitation. “The point of an invitation is to provide your guests with all necessary information,” says Clara. Remember to state the date, place and time of the party. If you wish for your guests to adhere to a dress code, you might want to mention it in the invitation. Also let your guests know how to RSVP, so you can keep an eye on who will be attending or not.

Birthday invitations

Birthdays are wonderful events that ought to be celebrated no matter how old you turn. Anna and Clara make a virtue of throwing grand birthday parties and inviting their loved ones with creative invitations.


When making invitations for a birthday party, the personality of the birthday boy or girl is important to keep in mind. If there is no specific theme for the party, look at the birthday boy or girl’s hobbies or interests for design inspiration. It can also be a good idea to decorate the invitation with common birthday images such as presents, birthday cakes, balloons and bunting.

Make invitations with decorative masking tape

Homemade invitations

Do not be afraid to be creative and move away from the conventional square or rectangular piece of paper. “Cut out different shapes or make pop-up origami creations for a truly unique invitation,” suggests Anna.

If the birthday party is for an adult or a teen, you might want to consider a more sleek and understated design. Embellish your invitation with some lace or glitter or keep it simple with a decorative border. It is up to you how much colour or embellishment you want your invitations to have.

Are you planning a children’s birthday party instead? The sisters have put together a lot of great ideas for a fun and cosy children’s birthday party for the dear little ones.

Wedding invitations

Weddings are particularly unique and special occasions, and your invitation should reflect this. By adding small and personal details, the wedding invitations will surely impress your guests once they receive them. Clara suggests sending out small ‘save the date’ cards in good time to ensure your guests have as much time as possible to mark their calendars.


If you have already decided on a wedding theme or colour scheme, the sisters recommend using this in your invitation as well. If not, subtle and soft colours, like whites, silvers, golds and pastels, work well for a wedding invitation. Anna has experimented with calligraphy to make some romantic wedding invitations. “You can write the bridal couple’s and the guests’ names in ink,” Anna suggests.

Make romantic invitations

Christening invitations

The invitations are an important part of the planning process when planning a christening or a civil ‘naming ceremony’. It can be a good idea to send out the invitations as soon as you have decided on a date, so your loved ones can mark their calendars.


You can choose to go all out on your chosen theme or embellish the invitations with typical baby images such as pacifiers, milk bottles, strollers and diapers. “Hang some twine across the card and glue small, colourful onesies onto it to create a miniature clothesline,” Anna suggests.

Get more ideas for a christening party
Do not be afraid to let your creativity shine
says Anna

Christmas party invitations

Anna and Clara love to spend the Christmas holidays with their loved ones, so they always make sure to host a lovely Christmas party. “Christmas is a time for ‘hygge’ and spending some quality time with loved ones,” says Anna with a smile. “A Christmas party is a perfect way to get together and celebrate.”


If you wish to make this year’s Christmas party even more special, one way could be to surprise your guests with homemade invitations. “Decorations are at the heart of any Christmas celebration,” says Anna. The sisters recommend that you make something extra out of the invitations during the sweet Christmas season. Your guests will surely appreciate finding a lovely invitation in the letter box.

Other party invitations

There are many other occasions in our lives that warrant celebration, such as graduations and New Year’s. Decide whether you want your party to feel elegant, colourful or romantic and have this shine through in your invitations. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and to release your imagination. A lovely DIY invitation is the start of a great party!

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