Father's Day

From time to time, Anna and Clara find it important to stand still for a moment and appreciate their loved ones. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day celebrates all fathers. “On Father’s Day you can send a special thank you to the father figures in your life,” says Clara. This is the day we honour and recognise the importance of fatherhood. “Use the day to show your father how much you care about him,” recommends Anna with a smile. Celebrate fatherhood by giving your father or father figure a heartfelt gift or by spending a lovely day together. You can also choose to honour your grandfather or the father of your children or anyone else who may play a father role in your life. Anna and Clara have gathered some of their ideas for celebrating Father’s Day. Find inspiration for a wonderful Father’s Day.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s in the world
Anna and Clara say in unison

Iced Coffee
Pampering on Father’s Day

“Start the day off right with a lovely breakfast in bed,” suggests Anna. Make his favourite breakfast food and surprise him by adding a little card that tells him what your plans are for the day. “This delightful, iced coffee will surely bring joy at breakfast time,” says Anna.

Find the recipe for iced coffee

When is Father’s Day?

In Catholic Europe, a form of Father’s Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages on March 19th. The more modern version of Father’s Day, however, originated in the United States and did not become popular until the 20th century as a complimentary holiday to Mother’s Day. “It is only right we celebrate fathers as well as mothers,” says Clara with a smile. “They both play an important role in our lives.”

Father’s Day is celebrated on many different dates throughout the world. In Denmark, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of June, which is also a public holiday called Constitution Day. In the Netherlands and France, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and in Germany it is always celebrated on a Thursday in May - twenty days after Easter. In Portugal and Spain, on the other hand, the celebration of Father's Day is still celebrated on the 19th of March.

Father’s Day gifts

To show the father figure in your life your appreciation for all he has done for you, you can choose to give him a gift. It can be difficult finding the perfect gift as it depends on the person and his interests. However, the sisters have a few ideas on what you can give him on Father’s Day. If your father is fond of cooking, you can give him a homemade spice oil as a Father’s Day gift. Anna has a special recipe for spice oil, which is ideal as a marinade and in salads.

Find the recipe for spice oil

If your father enjoys a certain type of sport, you might consider gifting him a new set of equipment or sports clothing. If he enjoys a good glass of wine or whiskey from time to time, a lovely set of glasses and decanter could be a nice idea.

Clara suggests you look at your father’s interests to find him something useful and personal that he will enjoy.

Beautiful bookmark made of yarn

DIY - Beautiful bookmark made of yarn

“If your father enjoys reading a good book every now and then, a bookmark can be the perfect gift,” says Anna. In the video, she shows how you can create decorative bookmarks yourself.

Keyring made of craft paper

DIY - Keyring made of craft paper

Give your father a handmade keyring that will surely benefit him in everyday life. Anna has made these out of craft paper and has decorated them with stamps.

Festive gift-wrapping for your father

Once you have found the perfect Father’s Day gift, the time has come to wrap it up. Anna has plenty of lovely gift-wrapping ideas, from wrapping paper, gift bags and gift boxes, to embellishments of ribbons, stickers or nice gift tags. You can also wrap up the gift as a dress shirt with a butterfly. “It is a fun and alternative type of gift-wrapping, which certainly will evoke joy,” Anna believes.

See how you can make one yourself

Father’s Day card

A lovely card can be the perfect accompaniment to a gift, or it can be a nice way of showing your father you are thinking of him if you are unable to visit him or send him a gift. The stores are lined with Father’s Day cards for you to choose from, or you can make your own. Join Anna in the sisters’ DIY-corner for inspiration on how to make a unique and personal card for your father. This can also be a fun and cosy activity for the children. “Let them create their own card or drawing for their father,” suggests Anna.

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Anna also loves helping the nephew and the nieces make a heartfelt Father’s Day card for their fathers. She will fill a table with arts and crafts supplies and help them decorate a card or a piece of cardboard in their own personal way. Last time, she let them decorate a colourful card, and they wrote the word ‘dad’ on it. The nephew and nieces used pencils, glitter, beads and all kinds of decorations to make the card shine. “It was lovely and personal,” says Anna with a smile. Another great way for the little ones to decorate a Father’s Day card is to let them make a drawing. “Any father figure would be happy to receive a homemade card from his children,” adds Anna.

It is quite special to receive a handwritten card that your loved ones have taken the time to write
Says Clara

Father’s Day fun and activities

In Denmark, Father’s Day falls on Constitution Day, where many have a half or whole day off. It allows you to take your father on a fun, longer trip with plenty of quality time together. Surprise your father with a day trip to the city or the beach, or enjoy entertaining activities such as mini golf, bowling, paintball or something less active like a dinner or a trip to the movies.

If you are unsure of what your father would enjoy, there is no need to keep it a secret. Ask him what he would like to do on Father’s Day and treat him to a day out. If you have any siblings, plan a nice outing for your father together. “Everyone appreciates enjoyable moments,” assures Clara.

Creative quality time

In case you have a small budget, you can also try some creative projects together. For example, building something together from scratch, such as a birdhouse or something practical for the home. “The most important thing is that you do it together,” says Clara. You can also make a practical and decorative magazine rack that can be hung on the wall at home. “It is surprisingly easy,” tells Anna.

Create your own magazine rack

Mother’s Day

It is not only fathers who deserves to be spoiled and paid attention to. Mothers also have their own day of recognition and appreciation. Read more about Mother’s Day and find inspiration for sweet surprises and how you can celebrate the day with a mother you hold dear.

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