Enchanting garden inspiration

When spring comes around and chases away the winter cold, Anna and Clara do not hesitate to venture back into their enchanting garden. “Watching the spring flowers burst forth and the greening of everything is truly enchanting,” say the sisters. Sipping a nice cup of tea, the sisters enjoy sitting in their beautifully landscaped garden to read a book or to simply watch the birds and butterflies. Clara is particularly fond of plants and flowers. She enjoys spending time in the sisters’ garden, where she can study its many fruit trees and grow her own vegetables in the garden’s bed. On lovely sunny days, the garden is often crowded with happy guests that Anna and Clara have invited over for festive gatherings. The sisters find it very important that their garden oozes ‘hygge’. From darling plants and flowers to atmospheric lighting and cosy outdoor furniture, everything is carefully considered and planned. Are you looking for garden inspiration? Let Anna and Clara inspire you with wonderful ideas on how to transform your outdoor space into a perfect haven.

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Create fond memories under the open sky
says Clara

Garden landscaping

One of the first steps in designing your dream garden is to think about the landscaping and the garden’s layout. What would you like your garden to look like? Do you fancy a traditional garden, a cosy country garden or something more modern? If you are designing your garden from scratch, choose whether you want to incorporate terraces, beds or perhaps an orangery. Furthermore, you might want to consider what kind of stone, you want to use in your garden. White, grey or black stones work well for a modern look, whereas gravel and asymmetrically placed stones give your garden more of a cottage feel.

Garden landscaping

It is a good idea to consider the landscaping of your garden. Where do the plants and flowers go, and where do you wish to place the seating area? You can easily divide the garden as to create different spaces in order to make full use of your outdoor space, the sisters believe.

Clara recommends that you consider the materials and colours to include in the garden’s interior for a well-balanced look.

Flowers and plants

“Flowers and plants are a joy to behold,” says Clara while watering the sisters’ plants. The sisters recommend that you choose plants and flowers that fit the conditions of your garden, as the wind and weather conditions can play a key role in this matter. If your garden gets a lot of sun, you should take this into consideration when choosing your plants.

A small garden

If you have a small garden, do not be afraid to go vertical. Hang plants from walls or fences and choose climbing plants and flowers that can grow upwards. You can also create more space by adding small racks or shelves for your flowerpots. “Make the most of the limited space you have,” says Anna.

Consider getting your own little vegetable patch as a fun outdoor project, like Clara. If you do not have a lot of space for a patch, there are also a lot of vegetables and fruits that grow well in pots, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and strawberries. “Homegrown vegetables and fruits are particularly delicious and flavourful,” says Clara with a smile.

Inspiration for the balcony

If you do not have an entire garden but a lovely balcony, you can still create a wonderful outdoor space. “Decorate your balcony with pots of your choice and fill them with gorgeous flowers and herbs,” says Anna with a smile. You can for example choose pollinator-friendly plants and flowers, if you want a rich wildlife in your outdoor space. "Live in harmony with nature," says Clara happily.

Outdoor furniture

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Create a seating area

If you, like Anna and Clara, enjoy spending time in your garden, you might want to create a nice seating area. If your garden has a covered part, this might be a good place to arrange your seating area so that it can also be used during bad weather or to provide shade. If you have a small balcony, the sisters suggest you create a small seating area at one end and a plant area or a greenery at the other.

Furniture for everyday use and parties

Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space can be difficult, the sisters agree. They suggest you go for a full dining set, if you like to invite guests over for dinner in the garden, whenever the weather allows it. A comfortable lounge set will work wonders, if you simply want to sit outside with a good book and a refreshing iced coffee.

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Soft seating

“The most important thing is to be comfortable,” says Anna. “Use soft and charming padding, pillows and blankets for outdoor use to create a comfortable and ‘hyggelig’ seating area.” If you have a small garden or balcony, consider a corner bench to provide adequate seating without taking up too much space. Small tables and built-in seating allow to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or a nice glass of iced tea in the afternoon.

Happiness lies in the present, while the past and the future only exist in the mind
Anna says with a smile

Outdoor lighting

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Garden lighting

A spot of lighting allows you to enjoy your garden long after the sun has set and can give it some atmosphere.

Anna suggests warm lights to illuminate your garden with a subtle and more natural glow. There are many different styles to choose from, so decide on what fits best in your garden’s look.

Lights in the garden

“A wonderful way to brighten up your garden is by using some lovely string lighting,” Anna reminds. Simply hang some strings around your garden or balcony for a cosy lighting. Lanterns also invite for ‘hyggelige’ moments with your loved ones. If you are hosting a garden party, you can use burning candles to help set the mood.

A rich wildlife

Anna and Clara love watching birds, butterflies and bees roam about their garden, so they make sure their garden is as inviting as possible. If you also want to make a wildlife-friendly garden, make sure to include elements such as bird feeders and insect hotels. “It is important to add pollinator-friendly plants to your garden,” says Anna while enjoying the many butterflies around the sisters’ garden.

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