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“Home is where love resides, and memories are created,” expresses Anna, while admiring her and Clara’s home. Anna and Clara often reflect on these words, and together they always aim to create a home full of love and ‘hygge’. On quiet evenings, the sisters like to share a pot of their favourite tea. While enjoying a lovely cup of tea and some freshly baked biscuits, Anna and Clara love to talk about home decor and come up with new ideas on how to create a personal home filled with ‘hygge’ and comfort. Do you need inspiration for the decoration of your home? Anna and Clara share their home decor ideas for the home’s various spaces.

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Your decoration should reflect your personal style
Clara points out

If you, like Clara, believe simplicity is a virtue, you can choose to keep a minimalist home with a simple home decor and modest decorations. You can also choose to create a more colourful home with lovely decorations and various knick-knacks.

Fresh flowers

The sisters enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, and they always make sure to bring fresh flowers home from the local market that they have a habit of visiting on Sundays. Throughout the years, Anna has collected many divine flowerpots and vases in different colours, shapes and sizes. She enjoys filling them with flowers bought at the local market or with wonderful green plants from the garden. “Flowerpots and vases are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch to your home,” says Anna. “They are also wonderfully decorative on their own.”

How to decorate a relaxing bathroom

The bathroom is where the sisters begin and end their day. Every night, before heading to bed, Anna and Clara find themselves in front of their bathroom mirror to comb their hair into sections and roll it around hair rollers. “Style your hair as you like,” says Anna. Each morning, after a good night’s sleep, the sisters take out their curlers and watch lovely curls appear.

Home spa

On cool winter and autumn evenings, Anna enjoys applying a clay mask and letting it sit during a long, warm bath. She fills the bathtub with warm water and soap, puts a classical record on the old gramophone and lights a few scented candles. “Create your own personal spa,” expresses Anna, while relaxing. “Pamper yourself.”

Find inspiration for your bathroom

There are many ways of creating a wonderful and elegant bathroom decor with room for relaxation. When the sisters decorated their bathroom, the always organised Clara took care of creating bathroom storage. “Take full advantage of the space in your bathroom,” recommends Clara, as she neatly folds the clean towels.

Anna has created a calm atmosphere in the bathroom by adding lovely details. Green plants adorn the bathroom beautifully while adding a touch of colour to the room. “Plants add a unique touch to the bathroom and make it more personal,” Anna explains, while having a look around the bathroom to find the perfect spot for the new succulent.

Inspiration for a cosy bedroom

The sun’s rays shine through the window and hit Anna in the face. She slowly wakes up to the chirping of the birds and smiles. She pulls back the curtains, and the sun creates an enchanting light in the bedroom, as a new day arises. Clara likes to start the day off by making her bed, so the bedroom looks clean and neat. She puts a throw on the bed and arranges her pillows in different shapes and sizes.

Renew the bedroom

In each of the sisters’ bedrooms, an old chest of drawers is placed against the wall. Anna and Clara inherited the old chests of drawers many years ago. Recently, Anna decided to bring more colour into her bedroom and painted the old chest of drawers in a lovely pastel pink colour. The old chests of drawers contain the sisters’ clothes and accessories. “Orderliness is key,” Clara points out, as she looks herself in the round mirror adorning her wall.

Get more ideas for the bedroom

A good night’s sleep is quite important. “A comfortable bed is highly important for your sleep, but so are the bedroom atmosphere and elements,” explains Clara. When furnishing your bedroom, there are therefore many elements to consider.

Are you looking for inspiration for the interior decoration of the bedroom? Anna and Clara hope to inspire you to create the setting of a relaxing and cosy bedroom in your home.

Home decorating ideas for the living room

When it comes to interior design and decorating ideas for the living room, Anna sees endless possibilities. “The only limit is your imagination,” says Anna with a smile. In Anna and Clara’s home, the living room is a unique space, where the sisters love to gather their loved ones for special occasions and wonderful nights of ‘hygge’.

A cosy living room

The sisters have created a living room with a personal touch. Anna’s decorations adorn the walls, and the sisters’ exotic finds from distant shores are placed around the room. Anna is always on the quest for new home decor ideas for the living room, whether it be furniture, lighting, cushions or wall decorations. “Inspiration is everywhere to be found,” says Anna. Clara appreciates a functional interior with plenty of living room storage and likes to organise the living room, so it looks nice and tidy.

Lampshade made of laminate

 - Lampshade made of laminate

Design your own living room lamp for a personal and unique touch. This lovely lampshade is made out of veneer and, in the video, Anna shows you how to easily make one yourself.

Paper lampshade

 - Paper lampshade

Anna was inspired by flowers when she designed this pendant lampshade. With just a little love and kraft paper, you can make your own wonderful lampshade for your home.

Interior decoration for an enchanting children’s room

Anna and Clara’s nephew often comes to visit, and the sisters are thrilled to bits every time he is there. “Let’s decorate a lovely room for him,” Clara said one day, while the sisters enjoyed a delicious pot of tea. “What a wonderful idea,” said Anna smiling. And so, the sisters immediately began looking for inspiration on how to decorate it and were both particularly excited about this project.

For playing and ‘hygge’

“There are endless possibilities when decorating a children’s room,” Anna says with joy. The sisters recommend releasing your creativity when decorating a children’s room. Anna and Clara have placed a soft and inviting bed in the nephew’s room, so he always has a place to snuggle, sleep, and read books. Adorn the bed with a soft blanket together with several stuffed animals and cushions, all waiting to be hugged and snuggled.

Get more ideas for the children’s room
Create a space that invites creativity and play, and where memories can be made
says Clara

On one of the walls, Anna has created colourful homemade wall art picturing some of the nephew’s favourite characters. “Add colour to the children’s room,” Anna recommends, as she and the nephew paint one of the room’s white walls in a lovely colour chosen by the nephew.

Clara is fond of organising and keeping things in order, wherefore she has created different storage solutions for the nephew’s room that can store his large toy collection. Small wooden boxes on wheels help organise the toys while, at the same time, keeping it easily accessible for the nephew.

The sisters have many home decor ideas on how to furnish and decorate the children’s room. Dive into the wonderful world of Anna and Clara and find inspiration for your next interior project in the children’s room.

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