Mother’s Day

‘Mum is the best in the whole wide world’, ‘mum is a hero’, and ‘there is no one like my mum’. This is how many children would describe their mother, but in a busy everyday life, the appreciation of mothers often falls into oblivion. Mother’s Day is a day for focusing on honouring motherhood, and mothers are usually presented with flowers, gifts or cards. Anna and Clara find Mother’s Day to be a wonderful tradition. “It is important to take a moment to appreciate our loved ones from time to time,” says Anna. Here, the sisters share some of their ideas for how to mark Mother’s Day and how to spoil a mother you love dearly. Anna and Clara wish all mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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The day is an excellent opportunity for you to give back to your mother and show her your gratefulness
Clara kindly reminds

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is marked as an international celebration of mothers and motherhood all over the world. Despite honouring mothers in many countries throughout the world, Mother’s Day occurs on different dates. In Norway, Mother’s Day always fall on the second Sunday in February, whereas in France and Sweden, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. In Germany and Denmark, Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday in May.

One afternoon at Anna and Clara’s house, the conversation fell on Mother’s Day. The nephew pricked up his ears and asked: “When is it Children’s Day?” With a smile, Clara explained that Children’s Day was not marked as an official celebration, after which the talk fell on why we are celebrating Mother’s Day. How does it go again? Why are we celebrating Mother’s Day? The celebration of Mother’s Day in the US dates back to the end of the 19th century and made its way to Denmark in the beginning of the 20th century. Back in the day, the purpose of Mother’s Day was to honour women and motherhood, which is also the aim of Mother’s Day today. “Spend the day pampering your mother, mother-in-law, your children’s mother, or whoever you wish to show your appreciation to,” Anna recommends.

Mother’s Day flowers

Flowers will be well received on Mother’s Day. “Who does not love flowers?” Anna wonders. Anna enjoys the many different gorgeous flowers, wonderful scents, and all the different colours. When Clara wishes to surprise Anna, she gives her flowers. Does your mother, like Anna, have a fondness for flowers? Then surprise her with a lovely Mother’s Day bouquet. In Denmark, the most popular Mother’s Day gift is in fact a bouquet of flowers. In this video, Anna shows you how to tie a beautiful Mother's Day bouquet yourself. Put together a bouquet and wrap it in sparkling gift and tissue paper.

Watch how to tie a bouquet

Maybe you can’t visit your mother on Mother’s Day? If this is the case, the sisters recommend that you find another way of showing her your appreciation and letting her know you are thinking of her. One way of being attentive is to send her a bouquet of flowers. “Choose a bouquet filled with your mother’s favourite flowers or one with flowers in her favourite colour,” Clara suggests, while pondering which flower is Anna’s favourite.

Decorate your gifts with flowers

 - Decorate your gifts with flowers

The sisters recommend decorating your Mother’s Day gift with a little bouquet of flowers wrapped in beautiful paper. Watch the video and find inspiration for making a lovely gift for your mother.

Homemade flowerbox

 - Homemade flowerbox

Is your mother also fond of flowers? Delight her with beautiful flowers in a box. Watch the video and discover how you can arrange pretty flowers in a box.

If you want to convey a specific message through flowers, you can look into the meaning of different flowers or colours. Clara has a lovely little book on the language of flowers which she often consults when choosing a bouquet for loved ones. “Carnations are a good choice for Mother’s Day, as they are traditionally associated with mothers,” she says. White carnations symbolise faith, purity, charity and love, whereas pink carnations convey a message of ‘you are always on my mind’. 

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Inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts

On Mother's Day, many mothers get spoiled by receiving a small gift. Have you had difficulties deciding on what to give your mother for Mother’s Day? Anna and Clara have mulitple ideas for Mother's Day gifts in hopes of inspiring you. You can also choose to make homemade gifts for Mother’s Day or buy her a little something. If you fancy giving her a bought present, Anna and Clara recommend everything from jewellery and perfume to lovely pictures with quotes. A piece of jewellery is a particularly personalised gift for your mother to wear every day. “Give her a lovely pearl bracelet,” Anna suggests while admiring her own lovely bracelet she got from the nephew for her birthday.

Anna has also seen many examples of pictures or posters with the word ‘mother’ or a lovely quote about motherhood and love. If you find it difficult to express your feelings towards your mother, this is a particularly nice way of showing it. Frame the picture or poster and let it adorn a wall in your childhood home.

A homemade Mother’s Day gift can bring as much happiness as a bought one
Anna lovingly reminds

Anna recalls how she as a child used to paint beautiful motifs on candlesticks, create fine jewellery out of shells, and make adorable bead plates saying ‘mum’ or ‘mother’. The sisters remind that Mother's Day gifts can also consist of a personalized photo book or homemade art. The benefit of creating homemade gifts for Mother’s Day is that the sentimental value increases year after year.

A photo book with memories

 - A photo book with memories

"The photobook will surely bring joy as a gift on Mother's Day," Anna says.

Personal yarn art on canvas

 - Personal yarn art on canvas

"You can embroid a lovely quote that will please your mother," Anna suggests.

You can also make a combination of the bought and homemade gifts for Mother’s Day
advises Clara

Mother’s Day card

The sisters recommend attaching a small card to the flower or gift. “In the card, you can express your appreciation and gratefulness for your mother. Sometimes, the kind words matter more than the gift itself,” Clara explains. What does one write in a Mother's Day card? The sisters have often heard their loved ones discuss this topic. "Let it come from the heart," says Anna. You can for example decorate the card with a small drawing that will warm any mother's heart. “Use your imagination – preferably together with the little ones, so they can leave their personal mark on the Mother’s Day card,” Anna recommends.

Print the sisters’ homemade template

Anna and Clara have often helped the nephew and nieces create their own Mother’s Day cards. Last time, they each chose a piece of coloured carton, on which Anna wrote ‘mum’ with glue. The nephew and nieces then added beads and sequins to the cards. “It looks splendid,” Anna praised.

Clara recommends a handwritten card. “Putting your feelings and thoughts on paper by hand gives it that much more meaning,” she says.

Father’s Day

It is not only mothers who are being spoiled and paid attention to. Fathers also have their own red-label day, namely Father’s Day. In Denmark, it falls on the country’s Constitution Day - June 5th. You can read more about why we celebrate Father’s Day and find inspiration for what to surprise your father with.

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