Bedroom ideas – how to decorate your bedroom

It is early morning, and Clara wakes up to the chirping of the birds. She pulls back the curtains, and sunrays hit her face with warmth. She looks out onto the horizon and smiles, as a new, wonderful day arises. The bedroom is where the day begins and ends, wherefore it plays an important role in how your day turns out. There is more to a good night’s sleep than a good bed, and the bedroom atmosphere is just as important. Decorating your bedroom is a wonderful way of expressing your creativity, and there are plenty of bedroom decorating ideas to find. Most bedroom ideas feature the furnishing of your bedroom, where many elements are to consider. “Remember to include your own personal style,” says Anna. Anna and Clara share their wonderful ideas on how to decorate your bedroom. Among other things, you can find inspiration for making small bedrooms appear larger. If you wish to decorate a cosy bedroom, you can find inspiration for which elements you should pay special attention to, when decorating your bedroom. Anna and Clara also share why plants and flowers can make a significant change for both space and well-being.

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Cosy - Headboard

Like Anna, you can make a personal headboard that creates a cosy ambience in the bedroom. A perfect scene for sweets dreams. With few materials, you can easily make your own headboard.

A practical

A practical  - rack

With a few beads, leather string and a piece of round timber, you can make a personal rack for your favourite clothes in the bedroom. You can make the rack in all sizes, but please be careful not to overload it.

You can find inspiration everywhere
Anna kindly reminds

How to decorate a small bedroom

You can find many bedroom ideas on how to make a small bedroom look bigger and more spacious. Anna and Clara explain that mirrors have the power to add depth to your bedroom and create the illusion of more space. "It is a wonderful idea to use mirrors in your bedroom décor," says Clara. "It makes the bedroom appear larger than it is". You might want to decorate your bedroom with a large full-length mirror.

Mirrors are not the only special element that you can add to a small bedroom. Anna and Clara explain that paint and wallpaper also have the power of creating depth in a small room. By painting or wallpapering one or more walls, you can fill your bedroom with tranquility and create the perfect atmosphere for a good night's sleep.

You can, just like Anna, decorate your bedroom by wallpapering the bedroom walls. If you have a small bedroom, you can choose to paint or add wallpaper to only one wall.  “This will create a sense of depth in your bedroom,” Clara explains.

DIY - A joyful jellyfish

A beautiful folding screen

As part of Clara’s bedroom interior design, you find a folding screen adorning the room. Clara primarily uses it as a dressing screen, however, it serves many practical and decorative uses. Try using a folding screen to partition your bedroom or another large room and create different spaces. Simply let your creativity flow. Anna recommends keeping the room’s colour palette in mind, when choosing wallpaper. “Choose colours that complement each other,” Anna says. If your bedroom has a more neutral-colour, you can choose a colourful wallpaper.

Watch how to wallpaper a wall easily

Creative storage solutions

laundry bag

Decorative - laundry bag

Clara believes that the weaved laundry bag brings warmth and tranquility to the bedroom. “Wrap the practical chores aesthetically,” she adds. Get inspired by Anna, who has personalised her laundry bag by painting it.

A personal
jewellery box

A personal  - jewellery box

Personalise the beautiful jewellery box with unique bead patterns. “It takes a little patience, but the result is certainly worth the effort,” Anna says about the cosy project. Find inspiration on how to make your own personal jewellery storage.

Decorate a cosy bedroom

Creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere is often the goal when decorating a bedroom. But what does it take to decorate a cosy bedroom? Anna and Clara have given this a lot of thought, and they wish to share their bedroom ideas with you.

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Evocative bedroom décor

In interaction with colours and bedroom furniture, lighting has an influence on the bedroom’s atmosphere. Whether you are looking for pendant lights, wall lamps, or table lamps, the possibilities are endless. “It all depends on your preferred interior style,” Clara says. "You should consider whether you want to create the perfect lighting for reading, dressing, resting, or something else." Anna has placed a decorative rug in front of her bedroom mirror. “The wonderfully soft rug brings ‘hygge’ and personality to the bedroom, and it covers the cold wooden floors,” Anna assures. Have you considered adding a rug to your bedroom?

Bedroom lighting

The right lighting for your bedroom depends on the room. A large bedroom benefits from more lighting and bigger lighting fixtures, whereas a small bedroom needs less lighting to keep it from becoming too bright. The type of ceiling also comes into play. A high ceiling is perfect for pendant lights, but recessed lights are a better choice for lower ceilings, so you do not have anything hanging in the way. Anna and Clara find a small light on the bedside table or above the bed an important addition to the room. Both sisters enjoy reading before going to sleep, wherefore having a lamp next to the bed is a must.

Besides bringing joy to your bedroom, plants bring a breath of fresh air into your home. “Some bedroom plants improve your sleep,” Clara explains, while watering her bedroom plants and flowers.

The right plants

The sisters are particularly fond of their Sunday strolls, where they go to get new plants for their bedrooms. From the start, the sisters quickly discovered that plants come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes and colours. The large variety of plants often makes it difficult for Anna to decide on just a few.

One day, when Anna and Clara went to the local plant market, Anna had, after 2 hours, yet to decide which plants to bring home. Clara eventually found it necessary to rush Anna, as the plant market was closing. The sisters brought home these lovely bedroom plants, among others:

  • Lavender
  • Succulents
  • Orchids
  • English Ivy

Green bedroom ideas

There are many wonderful bedroom ideas out there, and Anna and Clara are always exploring new ways of incorporating flowers and plants in the bedroom décor. On one of the sisters’ many travels, Anna became acquainted with coconuts. “What a lovely shape it has. It would make for a divine and decorative flower pot,” Anna thought to herself. When Anna returned home, she removed the fruit from the shell, cleaned it properly, and filled the coconut pot with a beautiful, green plant. “Bring all of the room into play by hanging plants from the ceiling and create an enchanting bedroom,” Anna kindly suggests. With bamboo skewers and ceramic pearls, you can easily create decorative ornaments for air plants in the bedroom.

Watch the video and discover how you can do the same

The sisters have many ideas on how to decorate your bedroom with plants. If you have small plants or vases with flowers, the sisters suggest placing your lovely bedroom plants on the bedside table, dresser or window sill. If you have large floor plants or trees, you can easily place them in a corner next to a full-length mirror.

"Plant them in lovely pots," Clara suggests. Larger plants and trees create an exotic atmosphere and look wonderful in any room.

Anna and Clara wish you the best of luck decorating your bedroom.

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