Kerti 10 cm
Parrafín. 5.7 x 10 cm.

412 kr

A Warm Ambiance

In of one the sisters’ many drawers, candles of all shapes, sizes and colours are stored. Anna and Clara love creating a soft, warm, and ‘hyggelig’ ambiance with candles and enjoy the warm, flickering light. The sisters avail themselves of any opportunity to light candles, and it does not matter whether they are having a quiet evening of knitting or throwing a dinner party for their loved ones.

Pillar candles can be used for many purposes and are wonderful for setting a soft, warm, or romantic atmosphere. “A beautifully decorated table deserves to be adorned with exquisite pillar candles,” explains Anna. “Use pillar candles alone or combined with different sizes to create beautiful and customised centrepieces.”

This 100 % paraffin pillar candle has a long burning time of approximately 26 hours - perfect for lengthy after-dinner conversations in the evenings.

412 kr

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