Prjónar 2.5 mm
Bambus. 2.5 mm. 2 pcs.

270 kr

Bamboo Comfort

Clara is very particular about the colours and patterns when she knits, especially for others. She always carefully considers the style and preferences of the receiver.

"A homemade knit sweater is one of the best presents to receive" Clara says. "It is like receiving a warm hug you can wear every day."

Clara likes to use bamboo knitting needles. "Bamboo is a strong and yet light material, which makes the knitting needles comfortable to hold and work with without getting sore fingers and hands. The bamboo ensures an easy grip and a good control of the knitwear" Clara explains.

The sisters' bamboo knitting needles measure 2.5 mm x 35 cm. They come in a package of two needles.

270 kr

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