Garn 17-3923
Bómull. 50 g = 160 m.

454 kr


Anna and Clara are fond of great needlework. On dark, cold winter evenings and sunny summer days, the sisters enjoy knitting and crocheting while enjoying a lovely cup of tea. “Nothing is as relaxing as immersing yourself in a creative project,” says Anna.

The sisters’ wonderful 8/4 cotton yarn is made of 100 % cotton and is Oeko-Tex® certified*. “The yarn is very delightful for both knitting and crocheting,” says Clara with a smile. “You can use it for all the world’s creative projects – it is all about challenging yourself.”

The sisters recommend you use aa crocheting hook or knitting needles in size 2.5-3 mm. “Release your creativity and make everything from darling pram chains and peculiar animals to useful dishcloths and lovely baskets,” Anna suggests.


454 kr

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