Taupoki með Søstrene Grene merkinu
Organic bómull. 38 x 42 cm.

290 kr

Pack your favourite things

This tote bag features the wonderful Søstrene Grene logo and measures 38 x 42 cm. The bag is made of soft GOTS-certified* organic cotton, which makes it easy to fold and fit in your pocket. Tote bag, cotton bag, shopping bag, canvas bag – we have many names for the things we love.

Whenever the sisters are leaving the house, they often want to bring along a few things. When going window shopping in the spring, they often bring along a small purse and a pair of sunglasses. When going for a stroll in the woods, however, they usually bring along a bottle of water and a blanket, and when visiting their loved ones, a pair of slippers to keep their feet warm is a definite must. Indeed, Anna and Clara like to carry their belongings in a wonderful tote bag on any occasion.

"Take the tote bag with you when you go grocery shopping," Clara recommends. "That way you avoid buying plastic bags at the supermarket, which is also good for the environment"

*203271 Ecocert Greenlife

290 kr

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