Sage Dawn sturtusápa
500 ml.

874 kr

Aromatic Home Spa

Anna enjoys finishing the day with cosiness and comfort. She therefore prioritises relaxing in the sisters' bathtub before going to bed. She fills the bathtub with lovely, warm water and a soft, foaming shower gel. She puts on some calming, classical tunes on the gramophone and lights the scented candles to set the perfect atmosphere. "Create a spa at home" Anna recommends. "It is wonderful for both body and soul."

Anna often uses the Sage Dawn shower gel for her bubble baths, as it leaves the skin clean and fresh. Due to its content of glycerine, the shower gel is moisturising. The scent of flowers combined with citrus fruit and mint makes it perfect for a home spa and creates a wonderful aroma in the room. You can easily choose the Sage Dawn shower gel, as it is vegan and dermatologically tested.

"The delightful green dispenser adds a fresh touch to the bathroom" Clara points out while arranging several products from the Sage Dawn product line.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
874 kr

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