Föndurpappír A4
Pappír. 21 x 29.7 cm. 30 arkir.

834 kr

Creative joys

“Turn paper into art,” as Anna likes to say. Anna and Clara have collected 20 sheets of 140 gsm paper in 10 different designs and 10 sheets of solid coloured 100 gsm paper in 5 different colours. The block of design paper is made of FSC®-certified paper.

You can use Anna and Clara’s design paper for many wonderful things, the sisters believe. “Try making colourful paper rosettes and decorate your walls,” Anna suggests.

You can also unleash your creativity and use the sisters’ patterned design paper to create dainty envelopes for letters or homemade party invitations.

“Your imagination is the only limit,” says Anna and folds a beautiful heart.

834 kr

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