Ilmkerti - Raf
Repjufræ vax/scent. 50 hours

2.398 kr

Spread warmth and 'hygge'

The sisters' scented candle Amber is made of rapeseed wax and scent and comes in a glass jar. It has an approximate burn time of 50 hours.

Anna and Clara love giving their home a new expression once in a while. Instead of moving things around or adding a new find, they sometimes just like to light a scented candle. "The lovely fragrance can completely transform the mood in a room," Anna explains with a smile.

The sisters' candle has top notes of crisp lime, eucalyptus leaf and white grapefruit, middle notes of fern moos, sea foam rose, thyme and clove bud, as well as dry notes of creamy sandalwood, cedar bark, patchouli and vanilla bean.

The sisters’ scented candles are developed in collaboration with experts at our Danish supplier of candles with an ambition to create a series of candles that offers an aromatic experience while also caring for human health. The candles contain such low concentrations of allergens that they are below the EU declaration thresholds for allergenic fragrances.

2.398 kr

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