Ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms

Anna believes a child’s bedroom should reflect the child’s personality, so they can feel at peace in their room. The parents are in charge of the house, so having that one space that is truly theirs can be important for a child. It creates a safe haven for playing, learning and relaxing. “If you have multiple children sharing the same bedroom, it can also give them lots of opportunities to bond,” reminds Anna. Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to decorate the perfect room for your child? Anna and Clara hope you will find inspiration for furniture, decorations and storage solutions for the children’s bedroom.

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To a child, having your own bedroom is something truly special and magical
Clara says with a smile

Creative wall décor

Anna believes a child’s bedroom should reflect the child’s personality, so they can feel at peace in their own space. Anna is particularly fond of thinking of new interior ideas for the nephew and the nieces’ bedrooms, as it allows her to let her creativity flow. “Designing a children’s bedroom is completely different from designing the other rooms in the house,” she says. “You can really think outside of the box.” Anna recommends you make fun wall decorations out of paper mâché for the child’s pleasure. Watch the video and see how to do it.

Watch DIY video

A thematic and colourful children’s bedroom

Before decorating your child’s bedroom, the sisters suggest you decide on a theme or a colour scheme for the room. “Involve the little ones in the process,” Anna suggests. “It is important that the room fits the child’s personality and interests.” When you decorate a children’s bedroom, you can include the little resident’s hobbies, interests and favourite colours. Clara suggests choosing something you think the little ones will enjoy for some years to come, as their interests can change quickly. “It would be a shame to have to redecorate the room after only a short while,” says Clara.

If you are unsure of a theme your child may like, you can include the child’s favourite colours into the bedroom décor.

Clara kindly reminds that even though a children’s bedroom should be exciting, colourful and filled with imagination, it is also a room that should invite to relaxation and renewal of energy. “Try not to overdo it and include too many stimuli,” suggests Clara.

The children’s bedroom should be a ‘haven’ for the dear little ones, where they can rest and relax
says Clara

Wonderful rice paper animals

DIY - Wonderful rice paper animals

Let the imaginative animals of rice paper lamps light up the children's room. Anna believes that the homemade lamps add something unique to the room and give the child something wonderful to look at. "You can also add a personal touch to other furniture pieces such as stools and storage boxes – your imagination is the only limit," says Anna.

Wall décor with stamps

DIY - Wall décor with stamps

Childhood is the most wonderful adventure if you ask Clara, who hopes that these colourful projects will bring joy to the children's bedrooms. Let the little ones help decide on the patterns and colours. "The lovely patterns on the wall create a personal atmosphere filled with ‘hygge’," says Anna, who uses both sponges, brushes and stamps to decorate the walls.

Inspiration for the children's bedroom walls

Once you have chosen a theme or colour scheme, it is time to pick out the bedroom wallpaper or the paint you will be using to decorate the children’s bedroom. Wallpapers are great for adding a lovely pattern to the walls. “If you have plenty of furniture and decorations, it can be a good idea to paint the walls in a solid colour instead,” says Clara. If the bedroom is rather small, wallpapering or painting one wall and leaving the rest white can create the illusion of a bigger space. Alternatively, if you prefer to make a large children’s bedroom appear smaller and cosier, you can paint or apply wallpaper on all four walls.  

Take the little ones’ advices into account

Anna suggests you pick out a colour or wallpaper together with your child. “Including them in decisions like this will make them feel more in charge and responsible for their own bedroom,” Anna points out. This way, they are also more likely to take good care of their personal space, the sisters believe. For some added fun, the sisters recommend using special paint such as magnetic paint, chalkboard paint or a washable paint you can draw on with markers. This is a different way of creating a wall, onto which your littles ones can let their creativity flow and create their own masterpieces without it being permanent.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to further decorate the children’s bedroom walls, Anna has a creative idea. Anna is particularly fond of letting her creativity flow and painting fine murals in the children's bedroom. She thinks it adds something unique to the room and gives the child something wonderful and adventurous to look at. "The only limit is your imagination," says Anna, thinking back to the time she painted the wall in the nephew's bedroom. Here, she turned the walls into a jungle scene with dinosaurs, trees and lianas, and created an illusion of being in the jungle. "You can also try painting a starry sky on one of the walls to make the bedroom enchanting and marvellous,” Anna suggests. Murals are a great way to enhance a chosen theme in the children's bedroom.

You can also try painting a starry sky on one of the walls to make the bedroom enchanting and marvellous
Anna suggests

Wall décor

DIY - Wall décor

According to Anna, it is particularly important for children to explore and unfold their creativity. “Find something fun and creative you can do together – for example a lovely wall décor in clay with motifs the child finds exciting,” she says.

Printable fairy tales

DIY - Printable fairy tales

Are you looking for inspiration for some lovely wall decoration? Besides being wonderful tales, Søstrene Grene’s printable fairy tales are also decorative when framed on the wall or as decoration on a shelf with their delicate colours and graphic illustrations.

Imaginative and practical furniture for the children’s bedroom

When it comes to decorating a children’s bedroom, it is important to fill the room with lovely and necessary furniture. But what furniture should you include in the interior decoration of the children’s bedroom? “Make sure you provide your child with all the basic essentials,” says Clara. The sisters recommend decorating the room with the following:

  • A bed
  • A desk
  • A comfortable chair
  • Storage space
  • A soft rug

Just the right
Children’s bed

A good bed is important for your child’s sleep, so this is a priority. “A good night’s rest is one of the most important things for a child’s growth,” says Clara. A small child might enjoy a novelty bed that fits in their chosen theme, like a car-shaped bed or a pirate ship but remember that they might soon grow out of it and it is harder to replace furniture than it is to renew any decorative elements. “Choose bigger furniture which can fit to your child while they grow”, says Clara.

A proper desk with a comfortable chair is also important to include in your child’s bedroom – especially the older children that have started school. The desk will allow the dear little ones to do their homework and focus on subjects such as mathematics and spelling.

A desk allows the creativity to flow and to experiment with creative projects, whether it be drawing, painting, beading plates, paper crafting or making various arts and crafts. If you choose a desk that is adjustable in height, the child can use it for a longer period of time. “Create a relaxing atmosphere around your child’s desk,” Clara suggests. “This way your child won’t get distracted.”


According to Anna, it is important for children to explore and unfurl their creativity. Therefore, she has made an arts and crafts table for the nieces in their shared bedroom. The table has plenty of drawers and shelves filled with pencils, crayons, paint, brushes, stacks of paper in all kinds of colours and much more.

A child's bedroom is often filled with toys, teddy bears, books and other creative items that require space in the children's room. Storage space is therefore essential to consider in the interior of the children's bedroom. Anna and Clara have several ideas on how to create storage in the children’s bedroom. “Decorate the room with a wardrobe, many adorable boxes for toys and a small bookcase for the child's adventurous books,” says the always-organized Clara.

Colourful storage

Clara suggests making use of any empty space under the bed or the desk to store boxes so the room will not get too overfilled or cluttered. You can for example personalize the children’s bedroom with letting the little ones decorate their own practical storage boxes. By using the sisters' stencils, you are well on your way to creating exciting designs in their favourite colours.

Get ideas for the storage boxes here

You can create a children’s bedroom filled with ‘hygge’ by adding a rug to the interior decoration. Anna and Clara find it important to make the floor as comfortable as possible, as a lot of children like to play on their bedroom floors. “A wonderful children’s bedroom idea is to cover the floor with a lovely warm rug or carpet,” says Clara. Rugs and carpets are wonderful – they are nice and soft and help protect your child during play.

Anna and Clara kindly remind that it can be hard to keep a carpet clean, so the sisters suggest you try to avoid lighter coloured carpets, as they are harder to keep clean and will soon look grimy. If you are not fond of wall-to-wall carpets, you can choose to decorate the floor of the children’s bedroom with a smaller rug.

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Children’s bedroom with room for play, learning and fun times

In the children’s bedroom, there must be room for both play and learning, which is why the sisters find it especially important to furnish the children’s bedroom with fun and educational elements, both toys and books. You can decorate the walls with elements that are fun and educational, such as a world map, a map of the solar system, or a message board where the child can hang anything from drawings and pictures to small notes and lovely cards. You can also decorate the children’s bedroom walls with beautiful posters or pictures that your child loves dearly.

Anna and Clara hope to have inspired you with some of their children’s bedroom decoration ideas.

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