1100 pcs.

460 kr

Fun With Beads

The sisters' iron beads come in a pack of 1100 pieces.

Iron beads, also known as fuse beads, are a fun way to express your creativity. Whether you want to make your own ornaments, lovely little decorative items, or even fun accessories, iron beads are incredibly versatile. The finished products can serve as lovely gifts for loved ones or even a decorative element in the home.

Once the dear little ones are old enough, they can try their hand at this creative activity and let their imagination run free. In the sisters' assortment, you can also find bead plates, with which nothing can stand in the way of your creative pursuits.

If you need inspiration, you can explore Anna and Clara's many ideas for imaginative and playful iron bead projects in the sisters' DIY universe.

Side Table - Steel. 37 x 49 cm.
460 kr

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