Akrýlmálning - sett
12 ml. 6 tubes.

770 kr

Colourful creativity

Anna is convinced that colours create a wonderful atmosphere in the home. Before creating new art for the walls, Anna and Clara carefully consider what colours they would like to use, as well as what they want to express through their art.

If you want to achieve a quick result, acrylic paint is a particularly good choice, as it tends to dry quickly. “You can easily blend these different acrylic colours to achieve the perfect tint,” says Anna with a smile.

Anna’s long-time experience of painting with acrylics has taught her to always blend enough paint, as it is quite difficult to achieve the exact same colour twice. This set includes 6 x 12 ml acrylic colours suited for both beginners and experts. The acrylic paint has a rich consistency, a good coverage and is easy to apply.

770 kr

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